Add to the Ecomuseum

Using this page, you can add your own resources to the archive held within this ecomuseum.

  • You can add photos that capture community events both historic and current
  • You can add scans of documents, such as old letters or historical records
  • You could add documents that capture the recollections of elderly residents
  • Anything that could be of interest to the Tweedsmuir community

You might think you have nothing of interest, but we are interested in things that describe your current life in Tweedsmuir, so a photo of a BBQ with the neighbours could become an important discovery for your great grandchildren in years to come. A photo of your family in front of your house and car might seem to mean nothing now, but in 60 years, the future owner of your property will find it fascinating.

Please do contribute to this project, life in rural Scotland is rapidly changing, and recording how we live today, as well as how our ancestors lived is important.

Simply fill in the form below.
The fields shaded pink, are required, so they cannot be left blank.
You can choose to submit your resource in file format such a scanned photograph or document, a story as a word document, an audio recording, a short video recording.
Or you can just type a short recollection in the Description field, perhaps someone told you a story about Tweedsmuir and you want to save it for future generations to hear.

Once you have submitted your materials, they will be reviewed and converted into the correct format for the system. When they are ready they will be made available to the public via the search page.

A short descriptive title
The description of the content you are submitting to the repository. Alternatively, if you just wish to submit a short piece of text, you can type it in here.
A file such as a photograph, a sound file, a video, a PDF or a Word file.
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If your content has a specific location, you can add it by clicking on the map. You can zoom in and out using the onscreen + and - buttons, and you can drag the map to the desired location.
Editors from Tweedsmuir Heritage Repository may need to contact you in the event additional information is required relating to this submission. They may also need to clarify ownership of the resources to prevent issues relating to copyright.